Madison Co. man healing after being shot in the heel

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MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Silence hung over the hills in Madison County, near Mallory Springs Road, but earlier this afternoon the silence was broken by a single gun shot ringing out. Moments later Mike Gilbert's phone rang with some disturbing news.

"My buddy calls me and said he'd been shot," recalled Gilbert, "I took off running up the mountain and by the time I got up there and found him, he was in pretty bad shape."

Gilbert said his buddy, Tommy Lemon, and another man went up into the hill behind his house looking for a place to hunt. Gilbert said they went unarmed.

"They (were) in open view. They were on the four-wheeler trail. It wasn't like they (were) in brush that somebody couldn't have seen them," said Gilbert.

Gilbert says the bullet hit Lemon in his right heel and went out the front.

"It destroyed his foot," he added.

"It broke my heart to know that Tommy was badly hurt like that," said Jerri Lynn Reynolds, Gilbert's fiance, who said that Lemon was like a father to her.

UK Hospital says Lemon is currently in fair condition.

Gilbert says the ATV trail behind his house is largely untraveled which is why he says this shooting is a mystery.

"There's no reason for a high-powered rifle to be going off this time of the year, anyway, because it's not hunting season."

"I mean it's in my backyard you know, it's scary really," chimed in Reynolds.

Together Gilbert and the other man carried Lemon down the hill until help arrived.

"He kept saying he was going to pass out and he was going into shock. I took my belt off and wrapped it around his leg but that's about all I knew to do," recalled Gilbert.

While no one ever saw the shooter, Gilbert says he heard what sounded like an ATV race off into a nearby field.

The Kentucky State Police say the later found the man who is believed to have pulled the trigger. After interviewing him, the investigators say this case is being ruled an accident and no charges have been filed, at this time. However, KSP says that could change if the Commonwealth Attorney or County Attorney choose to file charges.

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