Madison County road crews find meth labs along highways

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MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Madison County road crews out to clean up litter from roadways, are running into meth labs. They're picking up bottles used for the "shake and bake" or "one pot" method of cooking methamphetamine.

One of the problem areas is highway 25, in the southern part of Madison County.

Deputy Jailer Shawn Moody supervises the inmates that clean up around the county. He says since March, the number of discovered meth labs increased from one or two a week, to 15 a week.

Moody says people aren't just littering with the bottles. They are stashing them near mile markers or mailboxes while the meth cooks, and then coming back when it's done.

"I could go back every week, do a pick up again. Same material again, same location," said Moody.

Police are monitoring the problem areas and other "go to" spots for meth makers.

If you see anything that looks like meth making materials, contact police.

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