Madison County winery auctioned off to highest bidders

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A central Kentucky winery was auctioned off piece by piece on Tuesday.

Hundreds of people attended the auction at Acres of Land Winery in Madison County.

The owners were under a nearly $1 million debt and had no choice but to sell. The land went for $730,000. Everything on the property was auctioned off after that.

"The real estate was offered into tracts, the other side of the road and this side of the road with the winery and all of the buildings. Basically, a total liquidation here at Acres of Land winery," says Zach Hiner with Schrader Auction Company.

With panoramic views, Acres of Land is a popular venue for sightseers and family gatherings. Those people include Lynn Curtis' daughter, who planned to have her wedding at the winery in September. With the ownership changing, Curtis and her family are having to look at other options.

"The last thing I knew, we were still having the wedding, when I find out in the newspaper that they are having an auction and they're auctioning it off," Curtis says. "A wedding isn't just a frivolous thing, it's something you save up for your daughter to get married."

Curtis has already paid $3,000 to Acres of Land for the wedding. She says she's been in contact with the owners, who tell her she'll get her money back.

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