Magician mixes modern medicine with magic to heal patients

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It has entertained and amazed people for centuries but some say magic can also be used to heal those recovering from serious injuries.

On Thursday, a group of UK students and faculty learned about some of the healing properties of magic from a well-known magician.

He stars in one of the largest touring illusion shows on the road today and entertains thousands of people around the world.

But when Kevin Spencer isn't performing magic tricks on-stage, he's in the classroom teaching the perks of mixing magic with modern medicine.

“I find it amazing that what I do to entertain people also has the ability to impact people's lives,” Spencer said.

In 1988, Spencer was in a near-fatal car accident.

“I suffered a closed head injury and a lower spinal cord injury as a result. I spent the next year of my life in physical and occupational therapy.”

During the process of his own therapy, Spencer was struck with an idea.

“Anytime you can bring the arts or, in my case, magic tricks into an environment where people are hurting and you can make them smile---that's a tremendous gift to give.”

On Thursday, Spencer held his "Healing of Magic" program on UK's campus to show how simple magic tricks can help therapy patients regain physical skills while increasing motivational levels and self-esteem.

“I love magic but teaching and giving the skills to pass onto clients is really the best part of what I do.”

Spencer says magic wands don't always belong with black hats and rabbits; sometimes they belong in hospitals to help frail hands learn new tricks because the real magic is in the healing.

Kevin Spencer’s "Healing of Magic" program is now being practiced in more than 2,000 medical facilities in 30 countries.

International magicians to perform 2 shows at the Lexington Opera House on February 15 & 16. See attached document.

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