Restaurant Row rebuilding in Magoffin County

MAGOFFIN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) – It’s called Restaurant Row, just off the Mountain Parkway in Salyersville, but on March 2 it was nearly wiped off the map.

"We were here at the store till ten after six, the drive through was backed up around the way," said Ginger Oney, Subway owner.

Owner Ginger Oney was busy serving customers that night, a storm packing an EF3 tornado was bearing down on route 114, the last of Oney's employees left the store 15 minutes before it hit.

The result, her store destroyed.

Right next door the tornado took an advanced auto store with employees riding out the storm inside the bathroom.

"Listening to the news at the house someone standing in the Chinese restaurant parking lot talking about the damage saying to the right of me I don't know what this used to be and that's when it sunk in," said Jerry Russell, the Advanced Auto Manager.

In the daylight the destruction was clear - a year later restaurant row is slowly coming to life.

For Oney the emotion and reality of the last year is still fresh.

"It’s been a struggle, it’s been a hard year, it just now hit again," said Oney.

Even with pieces and parts of the old Subway still on the hillside behind it, Oney is moving forward. She has operated her Subway since 1998 and never once questioned rebuilding.

While Oney is several weeks from opening, the Advanced Auto next door opened just last week, tripling in size, progress that was a must for these businesses.

"It was real important I missed the customers, missed being here," said Russell. "It’s my life, what else would I do?"

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