Magoffin County school hit by tornado and now vandals

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MAGOFFIN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A tornado ripped it apart nearly a year ago. But Monday investigators say vandals have now damaged what's left of an eastern Kentucky middle school.

The school in Magoffin County hasn't been used since the tornado.

As if it didn't have enough damage already, Herald Whitaker Middle School in Magoffin County has been hit again, but this time by vandals.

"We've not been able to keep people out of it," said Stanley Holbrook, the superintendent of Magoffin County schools.

Since the March 2 tornado outbreak, the middle school has been boarded up. The first level isn't even accessible.

"There was none of this. This was all nice, neat, and they've just had them a good time," said a member of the maintenance crew.

But the school's library doesn't have a roof after the tornado ripped it off, so it's an easy entrance for those looking to vandalize.

"All you have to do is back your truck up to it, jump up on top of your truck, and you can jump right into the second story," said Superintendent Holbrook.

Along with breaking and spray painting everything in sight, school officials tell us they believe the building was also stripped of its copper wiring.

School leaders tell us police patrol near the school nightly, but so far, they haven't noticed any suspicious activity or made any arrests.

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