Major budget cuts could impact thousands of Ky. families

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On Thursday, dozens of people gathered to voice their concerns about a plan they fear will hurt many Kentucky families.

The Department of Community Based Services says later this year it will stop giving money to thousands of low-income families to help pay for child-care costs.

Luvenia Jackson of Lexington says she has two loves in her life-- her kids and her career.

“I get up and go to work every day but I do receive child care assistance,” says Jackson.

But on Thursday she received news that her family, along with thousands of other low-income families, may stop receiving state assistance with child care costs very soon.

“I think it's very unfair, not just for me, but the other moms and dads who are getting out there and doing the right thing by working every day.”

The state assistance is set to end April first.

And now that the clock is ticking, community members have decided to take action.

Parents, child care providers and concerned citizens shared their stories at Thursday night's Urban County Council meeting.

Dozens of people rallied to reverse the cuts that they're calling "catastrophic.”

The number of folks at the meeting paints a clear picture of how many people and jobs these cuts could affect.

“This decision will mean a loss of about 50% of households who are receiving assistance in the county,” said Executive Director of the Community Action Council Jack Burch.

“Most of our centers will not be able to survive without the child care assistant program so the blanket affect is that we will also be out of work as well,” said a child care provider who attended the meeting.

The Urban County Council has agreed to support a resolution asking the General Assembly to reverse the proposed cuts.

The Kentucky Department of Community Based Services says the reason behind the cuts is a shortfall in the budget.

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