Man arrested in Dakota Meyer fight defends himself

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ADAIR COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A fight at a party barn in Adair County led to an 18-year old being charged with assault, but he says he had nothing to do with beating up Dakota Meyer. The man charged says a woman caused Meyer's injuries.

18-year old Kanissa Thompson says, "I know the truth, he knows the truth. I personally never touched him." But Thompson faces a second degree assault charge for a fight that injured Dakota Meyer enough to have him going to the hospital.

Thompson claims two women were fighting, and Meyer tried to break it up. Thompson says a third woman grabbed Meyer, and he hit her.Thompson claims that woman then beat up Meyer.

Meyer issued the following statement to WKYT: " It is unfortunate the circumstances that have happened. This is the first time since being back from Afghanistan that I have been in fear for my life. It's also unfortunate that it happened in my hometown. Hopefully a lesson can be learned, and this can be a stepping stone to making our community safer."

Thompson says, "I took the fall for something I had no place in, for something I didn't do." He says more than 100 people were in the party barn at the time of the fight.
Meyer was awarded the Medal of Honor for saving dozens of American and Afghan soldiers lives during a firefight in 2009.

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