Man accused in murder plot tells his side of the story from jail

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He says it was a murder plot gone wrong.

On Saturday, we told you about a man accused of receiving money to kill a McCreary County woman.

And on Sunday, Timothy Prater of Somerset told us from jail he only got involved to protect her and claims he tried to stop the assault.

Timothy prater now sits behind bars and faces charges for crimes he says he didn't commit.

“Everybody that knows my character knows that what I’m being accused of isn't possible. I made the wrong choices when I try to help and trust the wrong people and now I’m here,” Prater said.

On Thursday, police say Debbie Taylor of the Pine Knot community was robbed, tazed and handcuffed by prater and two other men, who were allegedly hired to kill her.

“A woman got severely hurt over it both emotionally and physically.”

But Prater says he was actually trying to help Taylor after learning that someone else wanted her dead.

“My intent was to protect her. The guys I thought could help actually had a different intent and now I’m in here because of it.”

Prater told police that Regina Stephens, who was later found dead in her home from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, paid Prater $1500 to kill Debbie Taylor.

“I thought if I was in the hot seat then no one else would have been considered to hurt her.”

Whether his intent was to hurt or help Taylor, Prater is still paying the price for the events that unfolded that day.

Police are still looking for the two other men who were involved in Thursday’s incident.

They believe both of them are from Somerset.

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