Man accused of scamming change machine

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police have arrested a man they say stole $150 in coins from a change machine through a scam.

In June, Lexington police say they were contacted by the owner of Meadowthorpe Coin Laundry. The owner showed police surveillance video of a man who police say used a real dollar bill with a string attached to repeatedly trick the laundromat's coin machine into dispensing quarters.

The store owner, Richard Peot, tells WKYT that he noticed the men fishing coins out of the coin machine and confronted the men. "While they were stringing it I came down and confronted them," explains Peot, "I got their license plate number and a description and filed a report."

After months of investigating, Lexington police arrested Larry Pence, 33, and charged him with using slugs.

Pence's arrest comes about a month after a similar crime in Fleming County. The owner of the Village Wash House in Fleming County showed WKYT surveillance video of two men who police say also used a dollar bill to rip off a change machine. In that case, the laundromat owner said the thieves got away with more than $500 in quarters.

"I'm just running a little neighborhood business here," explains Peot, "they got $350-$400 that is like my gas bill for one month. Takes all the fun out of it."

Police have not said if the two crimes are connected.

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