London Police: Child tags along for a crime

LONDON, Ky. (WKYT) - The search continues for two people police say brought a child with them when they broke into a communications tower.

WKYT showed you surveillance pictures of the burglary on Thursday at 6. London police say a man and woman broke open the fence around the tower as the child watched.

The video is dark but one thing is clear, the couple is up to something.

London Police Chief Stewart Walker said, "They're right there like it's not a big deal. They pry the fence and he goes straight for the shelter.

Police say this crime was discovered during a routine patrol.

"We've experienced a lot of tower site break-ins. This one took a turn though. The video shows a child step up the fence to watch the couple work," Walker said. "He brought a child along. There's RF energy, there's high voltage on these sites, but he's allowed to bring a child in the commission of a crime. So we're concerned about that. He's endangered the welfare of this child."

While police say it is alarming to see the suspect would bring a child along, they also say it appears he knew exactly what he was doing here.

Walker said, "We feel like that because when he gets on site he doesn't seem to be nervous, he goes kind of directly to the shelter that had been broken into. There are other shelters on the premises but he goes directly to that shelter. To us, how would anybody else know there'd be easy access to that building?"

The man works his way around a door- going in and out, and even taking pictures.

"We're not sure exactly why he's taking pictures," Walker said, " but our first reaction is this is what he's going to use to give him knowledge to do break-ins at other communication sites."

While he slides something back under the fence before leaving, police aren't sure if he's actually stole something. Still they say they'd like to find this man who dared to bring a child along with him.

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