Man arrested for allegedly kicking deputy's K-9 in the head

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Saturday night deputies in Lincoln County say they spotted a man, Michael Foley, driving erratically so they tried to stop him. Instead of stopping, Foley sped off toward the city lake.

"At which point the suspect rammed the deputy's vehicle," said Deputy Ryan Kirkpatrick of the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office.

Foley then ran off 150 yards into the woods to hide. That's when Deputy Kirkpatrick and his partner got the call to join the search.

"Nothing goes amongst us undetected. Whether it be narcotics or bad guys if it's there, we'll get it," he added, "my partner takes it very personal."

Deputy Kirkpatrick says his partner, Deputy Ingo, ran ahead of him and found Foley lying on the ground.

"He (Foley) was very uncooperative," the deputy described, "he kicked my partner in the head. Bad decision."

When Deputy Kirkpatrick caught up with his partner he says he was biting Foley, but he says that's not uncommon.

"He's the real deal," Deputy Kirkpatrick boasted of his K-9 companion. "When it comes time for business he's all business, he doesn't like anybody threatening him or me."

Kirkpatrick and Ingo have been partners for a little more than a year now, and while Ingo wasn't hurt in the attack his human partner took the kick personally.

"That's his job. That's what he does, but if something were to ever happen to him it'd tear me to pieces."

Kirkpatrick says in all of the calls he and his German Shepard have responded to, this is the first time the K-9 has been forced to bite a suspect.

"Most people tend to give up when they see the dog," said the deputy.

Foley finally gave in, but now he faces two charges for allegedly assaulting an officer. One for ramming a deputy and the other kicking the four-legged one.

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