Man arrested for burglaries possibly tied to crimes in multiple counties

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Investigators say a man arrested for a string of burglaries in Montgomery County is possibly connected to burglaries in at least two other central Kentucky counties.

We first told you about this story on Tuesday and then reported the man's arrest on Wednesday. He's accused of breaking into houses and stealing cash and jewelry when no one's home in broad daylight.

"We stopped him, identified him, and charged him," said Montgomery County Sheriff Fred Shortridge.

That man is Tommy Velasco, 27, of Wolfe County, but his hometown isn't his venue choice for crime. Most recently, Sheriff Shortridge says Velasco is responsible for at least six burglaries and one attempted in his county.

"With a thief, there's no boundaries," said Sheriff Shortridge. "You've got this guy here that we're looking at with the possibility of five to six counties that they were going to. And it could be even further than that."

Right now the man's hit list includes Clark, Bath, and Montgomery counties. The sheriff and his deputies have since been spreading the word in central Kentucky.

"We've contacted different agencies, trying to give them a heads up," said Sheriff Shortridge. "This guy is in jail. He might be the guy who committed your burglaries."

Even though Velasco is behind bars, Sheriff Shortridge says they're still investigating since some questions are still unanswered in the case.

"We need to identify the person he's running with," said Sheriff Shortridge. "We feel like he didn't act alone."

Also what did Velasco do with the things he's accused of stealing? The Montgomery County sheriff wants to find out and return the stolen goods if possible.

"Out of everything that was stolen, there was a sentimental piece that her father and mother had. It was a bracelet," said Sheriff Shortridge. "Priceless she said and would like to get it back."

As the investigation continues, Tommy Velasco booked in the Montgomery County Regional Jail and charged with burglary, possession of burglary tools, and tampering with physical evidence.

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