Man arrested for allegedly deceiving Alzheimer's patient

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A man is behind bars are police say he deceived an Alzheimer's patient of $3,800.

Court documents show 32-year-old Jesse Delautre wrote letters to the victim, a woman with Alzheimer's living just two doors away, pretending to be his mother. In the letters, he asks the victim for money for cancer treatments,promising to pay the woman back.

Talking to us over the phone from out of state, Delautre's mother, Louise, described for us the pain and disappointment her family felt after learning about what had happened.

Delautre admitted to authorities that he modified the checks he later received-- deceiving the victim out of 3,800 dollars.

We spoke to the victim and her caretaker, they told us the family is very upset that someone would take advantage of such a gentle and kind-hearted person.

As for Delautre's family, they are still trying to understand why their son would so such a thing. Saying quote, "our hearts are broken today, both for our family and the victims family."

Delature is charged with exploitation of an adult and possessing forged instruments.

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