Man arrested for stealing police chief's gun

WHITESBURG, Ky (WYMT) - A man is in jail for allegedly stealing a gun and money from an eastern Kentucky police chief.

Whitesburg Police Chief Tyrone Fields says his apartment was broken into last Wednesday night while he was at church.

He says Christopher McClain entered through the window and stole his police department issued glock and $400 in cash.

McClain was not arrested until the next day when his girlfriend called police complaining that McClain was driving under the influence.

McClain then pulled in the driveway, and the police chief says he could tell he was under the influence and asked to search the car.

"He told me he believed he had something up under the seat that belonged to me. And I said 'You've got my gun don't you' and he said yes," said Fields.

McClain is in jail on first degree burglary charges and third degree criminal mischief charges.

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