Man arrested in Lexington murder

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It's been about two and a half months since Vincenzio Happy was gunned down in a parking lot. Today Lexington Police announced there's a murder suspect in custody.

Police say on February 9th, Happy was driving his car in a parking lot at the corner of Lima Drive and Georgetown Road when someone shot and killed him. Not long after, on Febrary 13, police say they got an arrest warrant for Jayronn Nickerson on a murder charge.

"We made many efforts to try and locate him but were very unsuccessful," said Sgt. Pete Ford of the Lexington Police Department.

Weeks have passed, the snow has melted, and a memorial has popped up where his car came to rest, but police had no luck finding Nickerson until this week. They say they got information that Nickerson was in Detroit. They say they passed that along to US Marshals, who found him there and arrested him.

"Mr. Nickerson is a local Lexington resident. Obviously he went to Detroit. I guess he just thought that we wouldn't be able to locate him there," Sgt. Ford said.

Lexington Police say Nickerson will have an extradition hearing soon then deputies from the Fayette County Sheriff's Office will go to Detroit to bring them back to Lexington. Nickerson is charged with murder and a probation violation.

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