Man calls police on granddaughter; said she tried to set house on fire

LONDON, Ky. (WKYT) - A grandfather called police on his adult granddaughter, telling dispatchers that her out of control behavior included her setting newspapers on fire in a downstairs room.

"Yeah, we need somebody. We have to do something," the man is heard telling dispatchers in the recording from the Laurel County 911 Center.

The frustrated grandfather called police for help when he said his granddaughter, Tabitha Weddle, was about to set the " on fire."

"She told one of the other deputies that God told her to do it," said Deputy Robbie Grimes, one of the officers who responded to the house on Filter Plant Road about 9:40 Thursday night.

Police charged Weddle with wanton endangerment and public intoxication. They say they are not sure what drug she was allegedly on.

"I really don't think she intentionally tried to do any harm to anyone. But the fact of the matter is that her actions did warrant probable danger to the other people in the house," said Grimes.

Police say Weddle's actions were similar to many other cases they've dealt with people high on drugs.

"They are usually very calm, like she was or hyper. She was falling asleep on us on the way to jail," said Grimes.

Police say the wanton endangerment charges also dealt with the small children that were living in the home. Social Services were also called to investigate.

WKYT called the Laurel County jail while Weddle was there but we were told she did not want to discuss her charges. We have learned that she was released Friday afternoon.

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