Man charged after toddler found wandering Morehead street

A three year old is found wandering a busy highway, and now, a man is facing charges.

Jeffery McGuire is charged with wanton endangerment. Police say the girl was found at a busy Morehead intersection Monday night.

"That's no place at all, not the middle of the road. Especially around here on this corner,"

Tim Adkins works at a vitamin store across the street.

"I thought it was pretty bad, a little girl standing in the middle of the crosswalk,"

Around 5:00 Sunday afternoon, Adkins says he looked outside and saw the 3-year-old girl standing outside with two other women. Police say those two people found the little girl all alone in the crosswalk.

"Somebody could have come through there and not seen her and hit her or somebody could have picked her up, too."

Police say the bystanders told them several cars drive around the girl before they were able to get to her. When police got there, they say the girl told them where she lived at a nearby apartment. After knocking several times, they say her stepfather, Jeffrey McGuire, came to the door. He told them he had been half-asleep inside and didn't realize she'd gotten out.

"The officers felt that there were obviously to meet the standards of wanton endangerment that there was some kind of neglect," Chief Mike Adams, with Morehead Police, told WKYT.

Police arrested McGuire and charged him with wanton endangerment. WKYT'S Sean Moody spoke with him and his wife Tuesday. They don't dispute what happened. His wife said she'd gone to the store and McGuire, who says he works nights, had begun to doze off. They think the girl decided to go look for her mother outside. Social services places the child with other family members Monday night.

McGuire has bonded out of jail.

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