Man charged with robbery after Lexington gas station scam

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - She was filling up her car with gas at the Hamburg Shell station, when a man walked up and asked for gas money. Witnesses say the woman wanted to be a Good Samaritan and offered to put $20 in gas on her credit card. But the man didn't stop the pump...and racked up more than $ 5 gas cans..ignoring pleas from the victim to stop.

Police say Edward Lee McKeehan gave the victim a sob story of a wife and kids needing help. Only a check showed no family in need. WKYT's crimetracker... retired lexington detective Don Evans... has some good advice...if you're faced with a similar situation.

"We all want to be Good Samaritans, but the reality is if they really needed help, they won't have a problem with having a police officer called for them," said Evans.

The suspect didn't show up a weapon; he didn't do anything necessarily to try to hurt the woman, but police say this was clearly a case of robbery.

That's because police say McKeehan became forceful and the victim was scared when she told him to stop pumping gas.

"They do not have a right to make you feel intimidated, they are going to hurt you or something is going to happen if you don't give them something," said Evans.

Police say McKeehan tried the same con at several gas stations in Frankfort.

"We all want to be charitable, and that's great, you should chose how you are going to help people. Most of the time when it solicited, no good can come from it," said Evans.

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