Man convicted of gruesomely killing Boyle Co. native

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It was a violent and horrific crime--a Danville native beaten and strangled inside her New York City apartment. This week, justice for her family as a jury convicted her ex-boyfriend for her murder.

Danielle Thomas’s family is finally feeling some relief now that 35-year-old Jason Bohn has been convicted in her murder.

Thomas graduated from Boyle County High School in 2003 and eventually moved to New York where she met Bohn.

On Wednesday, a jury convicted Jason Bohn of choking and beating Thomas to death inside of her New York City home back in June of 2012.

Bohn had hoped to be found guilty on a lesser count of manslaughter by claiming he had a mental illness but the jury rejected this claim after reviewing evidence.

Some of the evidence included a voice mail sent from the victim's phone which recorded four minutes of the gruesome attack.

Jason Bohn now faces a maximum of life in prison without parole and will be sentenced on April second.

Danielle Thomas had a protective order out against Bohn at the time she died.

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