Man copes with cold while working outside

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The brutal cold has taken a lot out of us lately, but if you have to work outside to make a living, the temperatures can take a toll on your body.

David Dolen has found ways to cope with the cold this harsh winter season, taking breaks inside. He was laid off from his regular construction job, and now, to keep food on the table, he holds a sign on the streets for a Lexington business.

"Standing out here looking a little silly but I'm doing it to work," says Dolen.

He paces himself, saying, "It's cold. All the wind coming off the cars just frigid toes and fingers are cold."

Dolen says he stays outside only for an hour at a time before going inside, in hopes he'll get drivers to pull in and file their taxes.

"Just layers of clothes and gloves just keep moving up and down side of road here. Just keep toes and fingers moving."

Dolen plays the role of Lady Liberty. He says he's okay with that. His mind is mostly on overcoming the extreme temperatures. He's beaten greater odds, including freedom from drug addiction.

"I've been clean for ten months now. It's much easier to get a job easier to do anything. I feel better easier to get out and work...they told me death, institution, or jail. That's the alternative...I'm happy to be out here in single digits grateful I have a job to come to just stand out here with a smile on my face happy to have it."

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