Man crashes car while fleeing police in Richmond

RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say a man in a stolen car crashed while trying to get away from them.

It happened on Lexington Road in Richmond at the bridge over I-75.

Police say they spotted the stolen car downtown and began following the driver.

However, things soon turned tricky for police and another driver.

"They lost him a couple of times. He was quite a bit ahead of them, then he went in the left lane by the interstate and hit a truck coming off the off ramp," said Major Steve Gregg with Richmond Police.

The driver of the stolen car was taken to UK Hospital. His condition is not known. No one in the truck was injured.

Police say the same man is also a suspect in a shoplifting investigation at the Richmond WalMart.

They're also looking for the two people they say he dropped off in downtown Richmond before the crash.

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