Man killed in fall from roof at Montgomery Co. airport

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MT. STERLING, Ky. (WKYT) - A workplace accident takes the life of one man, after he and another coworker fell off a building at the Mt. Sterling-Montgomery County Airport around 11 Wednesday morning.

Investigators say they were working on the roof of an add-on to the airport's administrative building, when somehow the two men lost their balance and went sliding down the steep slope.

"And once they started sliding they couldn't stop," described Montgomery County Deputy Coroner Jimmy Adams.

One of the men was identified as 73-year-old Carl Williams, a subcontractor on the project. The other man has not been identified but Adams said both fell about 20 to 25 feet, with Williams falling first.

"When he fell off the roof, the other gentleman that fell off with him, landed on him," said Adams, adding, "That added force."

Other workers were in the area at the time and they scrambled to get help. Although when help arrived, it wasn't looking good for the 73-year-old man.

"When the first responders got here he was pulse-less and he was not breathing. From there on, they started CPR and the EMS arrived and they did their job," explained Adams, who moments later pronounced Williams dead at the hospital.

"It's a tragedy for our county, for Montgomery county," he said.

A tragedy with many questions left to be answered, namely what sent the two men sliding dangerously off the roof?

Adams said that's to be determined, but one factor could've been the weather.

"The wind was blowing somewhere between 18 to 20 miles per hour, at a gust, so we don't know if that's playing a factor in this case."

Adams said the other victim was treated and released from the hospital and is doing well, but he was obviously shaken after the terrible accident.

From here, the investigation will continue with an autopsy on Thursday, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is also looking into this deadly accident.

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