Man discovers urn in trash, looks inside

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Yesterday we spoke with a Lexington man about a startling discovery he made just a few days ago
And after his story circulated online, the mystery surrounding the object found started to unravel.

"Gettin to the bottom of things...literally," said Ricky Strode, the man who found the container.

Just a few days ago, while walking his dog, Peanut, along North Broadway in Lexington, Ricky Strode stumbled upon something unusual.

A cherry wood box, bearing the name Michael Woods and marking the span of his life, was carved into the side. And instantly he knew, this was no ordinary box.

Since the story appeared online, the widow of Michael Woods has contacted us, wanting to know what could be inside. She told us she had already received the remains nearly two years ago, declining the urn when the funeral home presented it. but she couldn't help but wonder what the box contained.

Neither could Strode, so he carefully removed all six screws, and cautiously peeked inside.

"Moment of truth...empty. Nothing there but air," Strode said as he removed the lid and looked inside.

Ricky strode says he plans to hold onto the box for the time being.

We spoke to a former funeral home director who said it's not uncommon for urns that families don't want to be used as models, before they are scrapped.

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