Driver takes off after hitting Lexington Waffle House

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Workers at the Waffle House on Walden Drive got a surprise early Monday morning when a man drove his car into the side of the restaurant and then took off.

It happened around 2am Monday, workers tell us a man came in to order carry out.

While he was waiting on his order, he went across the street to the gas station and when he came back, instead of stopping in the parking spot; his car lurched forward running into the side of the building.

Instead of waiting on police, we’re told the driver took off.

The manager tells us that other than the visible dent on the outside and some minor damage on the inside, the structure itself was not damaged.

He says he got the license plate number of the vehicle, but when police ran it, it came back as a rental car.

Investigators are hoping finding where the rental car came from will help them find the driver.

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