Man faces attempted abduction of a minor charge

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Laurel County Sheriff's deputies say are investigating after a 15-year-old girl claims a man tried to abduct her from her home.

The alleged incident happened Friday afternoon in southern Laurel County off of American Greeting Card Road.

"I've been to jail several times," says Carl Dwayne Miller, 41.

Miller is no stranger to the law. His previous charges include robbery and murder and he has served ten years in prison. Now he's facing an attempted abduction of a minor charge.

"I have done bad things to people in jail to people who hurts kids. I would never do nothing to hurt a kid," says Miller.

A public intoxication charge on Friday night sent Miller back to jail. Now Laurel County Sheriff's deputies added the new charge after they say he tried to abduct a 15-year-old girl from her home.

"I'd never hurt a child. I am so tore up about it," Miller says.

But, Laurel County Sheriff's deputies say otherwise. They believe Miller used car troubles to gain access to the 15-year-old. He's accused of offering the teenager drugs, making sexual comments towards her, and of even grabbing her arm and trying to take her. His attempt was unsuccessful. But, he claims the whole thing is a misunderstanding.

"I think that girl has problems is what I think," says Miller.

Miller says he's known the alleged victims family for years and he only went to the house hoping her parents were home to help him with his alleged car troubles. He denies all of the claims against him.

The alleged victim's family didn't want to talk about what happened but admits that the they are familiar with the suspect.

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