Update: Man who fired at Lexington officer facing serious charges

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A Lexington man, who police say fired a shot at an officer, is facing several charges including Attempted Murder, two counts of Assault 3rd Degree, Resisting Arrest, and two counts of Wanton Endangerment.

Police have identified the man as Phillip Resmondo, 24.

Police were responding to a home on Woodside Circle around 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday for a domestic dispute between a father and son.

Police say that when they arrived at the home, the suspect saw the officer and fired at him. The officer was not hit, and used a taser on the suspect. Police say that the father also tackled the son.

"The first police pulled up. He got out of the back of his car, went to the back of his car and by that time, he shot. So I was right in the length of the fire...so, I just got on out of there," says David Prewitt, an employee with Republic Services Garbage company.

Lexington police say that bullet was aimed toward an officer. But fortunately, police say Resmondo missed and didn't strike anyone.

"Immediately upon the first discharge, officers along with the victim in this case were able to disarm the suspect and take him into custody," says Commander Ken Armstrong, with Lexington Police.

Prewitt says it was an interesting day on the job, "It was pretty wild, pretty wild. The gentleman grabbed the guy, knocked the gun out of his hand and threw it out in the yard and they wrestled him down. And the officer got on top of him and got him handcuffed."

Lexington police are still working to determine what the fight was over between this father and son.

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