Police: Man flies from England to Kentucky to meet underage girl

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A British man faces state and federal charges after police say he traveled thousands of miles to Kentucky to meet a girl for sex.

Police arrested 41-year-old Solomon Waters at Blue Grass Airport shortly after he arrived there. They say they had been investigating his Internet activities for months.

He traveled from England to Kentucky where state police say he planned to meet an underage girl. After months of chatting online, and after a cross-continent plane ride, Solomon Waters soon realized he wasn't meeting anyone in Lexington. Federal agents arrested him for his attempt at child sexual exploitation.

"It just shows the dangers that are out there for our children. For someone to travel halfway across the world to do this is just amazing. And unfortunately it's probably not unprecedented here in Kentucky," explained WKYT's Officer Don Evans.

When Waters landed at Blue Grass airport, agents arrested him immediately, before he could come into contact with any underage girls, before what he discussed online could happen in person.

"There are detectives that specialize in this. They're out there trying to hunt these people down before they can trap your kid. It's excellent police work, and it's good to know that they're doing this type of operation," said Officer Evans. Evans encourages parents to take a hands-on approach with their children's online activities. He says the more involved they get, the less likely it is a child will come into contact with a predator.

"If you're gonna let your kids be part of chat rooms, if you're gonna let your kids be part of social media like Facebook or Twitter, make sure that you have all the user names and passwords. You need to intrude. You owe it to your kids to do that."

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