Man helps off-duty Lexington officer take down robber at Speedway

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - There's an unusual twist in a robbery at a Lexington gas station. That's because an off-duty police officer just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

It all happened at the Speedway on New Circle Road on Tuesday night.

A man attempting to rob that gas station was met by an off-duty officer. That's when Lexington Police say a struggle ensued and one citizen came to the rescue.

"I said, 'Man, if you get up, I'm going to put you to sleep, man. You're sitting here fighting this cop like this. That's pretty dumb,'" said Joshua Davis, who happened to witness the struggle and stepped in to help.

It's not what police advise citizens to do.

"Generally, we don't want citizens getting involved. The last thing we want is someone coming in the middle of it and they get hurt," said Lt. Clay Combs, with Lexington Division of Police.

But Davis did it anyways, saying he saw people running out of the Speedway at New Circle and Liberty Road while an officer was wrestling with a man.

"So I grab the guy by his throat and just choked him down," said Davis. "And then the cop says, 'Man, hold him for me so I can catch my breath.' He's like, 'I can't find my handcuffs,' so I'm like, 'All right, I've got him until you find your handcuffs.'"

Davis and his wife witnessed it all. And it started when Officer Derrick Wallace was watching security cameras, and he says he saw Chaz Medford, 30, of Lexington steal two drinks. The off-duty officer approached Medford, and that's when things turned violent.

"The officer had an injury. He got struck in the face and had an injury to his mouth and several scrapes and abrasions but nothing serious," said Lt. Combs.

Lexington Police shared with us that Medford was tazed which also affected the officer. But with Davis's help, the two were able to restrain Medford. Officer Wallace thanked Davis for his help on scene.

That off-duty officer was initially going to just write Medford a ticket. But Medford is now charged with assault of an officer, resisting arrest, and robbery.

Medford was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital to be treated for minor injuries and is expected to be okay. The officer involved only has minor injuries from the struggle.

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