Man in West Liberty says he won't let the 'bad' keep him down

WEST LIBERTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A house fire in an eastern Kentucky town leaves a man with nothing. This comes after he experienced tragedy during last year's deadly tornadoes that hit West Liberty.

The people of West Liberty are still recovering from last year's tornado, but some are asking themselves 'what else can happen?'

A fire is what else can happen. Donnie McKenzie and his wife lived there for 34 years, even raising their children there, and now everything is gone.

McKenzie says, "I just knew it was all gone the way it was burning."

McKenzie thinks the fire started in the rear of the house. McKenzie says the family, "Stayed most of the time in the back. That's where we kept the T.V. and all that."

It's also the same place where his dog Cody would hang out, but unfortunately Cody didn't make it. McKenzie says, "What else could go wrong now?"

For the past 14 months that seems to be the McKenzie's theme. His restaurant and pool hall of thirty years was crushed by the last year's tornado, and all that is left is hurt.

"Awful feeling it was when you lose everything you got like that, you know? I never thought anything else could happen. I never dreamed of something like this."

Just two months prior to the deadly storm, his wife of 54 years died of diabetes. He says, "I lost my wife, lost my business and now I've lost my home."

What McKenzie does have is a new restaurant down the street from his home, and his family and friends to help him get through these tough times.

He says, "I'm just grateful to be alive and to have a real good family. I'll just keep on working and keep on doing what I'm trying to do."

McKenzie says his life won't slow down at all because of the fire. He plans on helping coach Little League baseball. As for the cause of the fire, McKenzie says he thinks it was electrical.

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