Suspected drunk driver accused of causing deadly Marion Co. crash

MARION COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Moments after getting home from work Sunday night, relatives say William Cecil went to work on his farm, his 14-year-old son with him.

The two set out on Ky. 208 in a Polaris Razor, an ATV with side by side seats and seat belts. A truck crossed the center line and slammed into the four wheeler, knocking them off the road.

“His son, ran all the way home. Wouldn’t let anyone pick him up. Got his Mama,” said Marion Cecil of the teenager's actions right after the collision.

Emergency crews and police responded, but the Cecil died at Springview Hospital.

“It just seems like a bad dream. A nightmare,” said Cecil.

Police say Joseph M. Spalding, 28, was intoxicated. He’s in jail on a DUI charge with no bond.

“I just wish these people that get out on the road and drink would think before they get behind the wheel. Because it is hard,” said Cecil.

Cecil worked at a Lebanon business and also farmed full time. His uncle says he was driving in between farms when he was killed.

“He loved farming. He had to work to farm, too. But, like I told you, he helped everyone out that he could,” said Cecil.

Spalding’s teenage son was also taken to Springview hospital where he was treated for several minor injuries.

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