Man killed, two injured in McCreary Co. house fire

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McCREARY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Family members say the fire erupted just as they were going to bed.

"I ran straight in there and I seen the fire. I went running and trying to get everybody out," said Abby Braden.

Braden said she got her mother, Juanita McKnight out, but she realized her uncle, Elbert Smith, was still inside.

"I seen Elbert wasn't out there so I told her, 'Mama, Elbie's in there! Go get him!' I shouldn't have done that but I wasn't thinking. And she did she turn right around and went back in and she would have anyway. She's just that way," said Braden.

Braden said her mother couldn't find Elbert, then needed rescuing herself. She said her boyfriend and son raced into the smoke and flames.

"My boyfriend grabbed her around the waist and just one out the sliding glass door. They were just the bravest guys ever. Whereas I froze up they went in there and tried their best. They fought hard and they moved quick. They deserve an award for bravery," she said.

No one was able to rescue Elbert Smith. He died inside the house.

Family members say the entire community will miss the man they all knew as Elbie.

"Elbert was loved by so many people. He would tell everyone every day that he loved them And everybody did love him," said Braden.

Family members said Smith's favorite things to do were collect pens and ride his bike to visit neighbors.

"He loved to ride bikes. He was well-known in the community. Everyone knows him And they can see why he was so easy to love. He was a great guy," said Braden.

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