Man loses two homes to disaster in less than a year

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LONDON, Ky. (WKYT) - Jason Jackson said it's been a rough year. Fire destroyed the house he moved into after losing another the March 2 tornado outbreak.

"It's gone. It's history. It ain't nothing but ashes. It's destroyed. There's no saving anything," said Jackson.

"This is the second time in seven months that I've lost literally everything I had but the clothes on my back," he said.

Seven months ago, Jackson and his children rode out a tornado that destroyed his East Bernstadt home. Since that day in March, he'd started to put his life back together.

"Felt like I had a little bit of breathing room. I got this place. Things just kind of started to look up for me," he said.

But it seems a weekend fire has wiped out all he's done since then. Jackson said he made it out with only the clothes he was wearing and a cell phone. Thankfully, he wasn't injured and his two children weren't at the house when it burned. Now, he's staying with a friend in the area, hoping he can make a fresh start for a second time.

"Hopefully it'll let up know? Hopefully this is the end of it," he said.

A storage building behind the house was also damaged. Jackson was reluctant to ask for donations, but said if people felt moved to, they could mail them to P.O. Box 961, East Bernstadt, KY, 40729.