Man pleads guilty to beating kitten, must pay humane society as punishment

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT)-Gary Foster pleaded guilty to misdemeanor animal cruelty charges in a Madison County Courtroom Tuesday morning. Because he struck an unusual deal, he'll get to stay free.

Foster admitted to beating a kitten with a golf club, breaking his front two legs, about a year ago. He was sentenced to 280 days in jail, with credit for time served. But instead of serving his last 90 days behind bars, the judge has ordered him to pay the Madison County Humane Society $4,000, and he'll pay $75 a month until that number is reached.

The judge decided on $4,000 because that is how much Lucky, the kitten's, surgery was.

"Originally, they wanted to do a restitution deal, but so many people gave donations, it wasn't practical to send money back," explained Dr. Jack Taylor, who is Lucky's vet. "So, they decided to give it to a good cause."

"I just don't know what would make him do this to a little kitten," Darica Coates, Lucky's owner commented.

She says she adopted Lucky after the people who initially rescued him were not able to keep him.

She says he is able to jump up on counters and live a normal life.

Dr. Taylor says although he'll have arthritis in his elbows for life, he's living virtually pain-free.

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