Man rescued after falling 30 feet in Red River Gorge

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POWELL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A hiker had to be rescued from the Red River Gorge on Wednesday after a frightening fall.

Rescue crews say the man fell over a 25 foot embankment in the Cat Creek community of Powell County Wednesday afternoon.

“The gentleman was out hunting ginseng and was on a steep bank when his footing gave way, resulting in him falling down about 25-30 feet,” said Lewis Davis with the Powell County Search and Rescue squad.

We’re told the man, who lives in the area, broke his leg while falling into an embankment.

“He was extremely lucky that he wasn’t more severely hurt,” Davis told WKYT.

Thankfully, the victim’s friend called for help and a short time later, more than 15 search and rescue volunteers arrived on scene.

Volunteers at the Stanton Fire Department say they had to deal with several challenges during this rescue including the hot and humid weather, limited manpower and the fact that area where the victim fell is located miles from a main road.

“Getting personnel in and out was definitely difficult. It was very slow progress.”

Hours later, the man was brought to safety.

Rescuers hope incidents like this show the importance of having someone with you if you take on this type of terrain.

“If he wouldn’t have been with a partner, we would've been a while looking for him.”

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