Man sentenced in 2002 Lincoln murder dies after prison incident

STANFORD, Ky. (WKYT) - Prosecutors said that five men had roles in the murders of 18 year old Bo Upton and 20 year old Ryan Shangraw..with Neccolus Mundy being the mastermind behind the violence.

“The first thing that I felt when I heard that Neccolus Mundy had died in prison….was remembering the pain that I felt when Bo died,” said Sherry Moore, Upton’s mother.

Moore says she now feels for Mundy’s mother.

“Because no matter what he’s done, she still gave birth to him. She can’t help what her son did,” Moore said.

Mundy died Monday after he was found unresponsive in his prison cell at Northpoint Training Center on April 3rd. Corrections officials say Mundy had just been moved to a dry cell for smuggling dangerous contraband by ingesting a balloon containing drugs.

“I wish that there would not be able to bring drugs into prison, for that person so one person would not die,” Moore said.

Neccolus Mundy was one of three who pleaded guilty in July 2009. About a month later he was sentenced to a total of 20 years in prison for facilitation to commit murder and complicity to commit robbery and burglary.

During the trial there was testimony that Mundy and the 4 others—Jamarkos Campbell, Matthew Tolson, Deonte Simmons and Charles E. Smith-- went to steal Shangraw’s cocaine supply and something went horribly wrong with 24 rounds fired, killing the two young men.

“On the 7th year after Bo was murdered, every single murderer was found guilty through proof..DNA, there was no maybe, there was proof,” said Moore.

State corrections officials say Mundy had also been experiencing some medical issues just before his death.

Autospy results including toxicology tests are pending. The coroner says there was no visible trauma to his body.

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