Man recovering after being shot by stray bullet

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GREENUP COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) -- On Sunday, Kenneth Sparks was getting ready for church when the unthinkable happened.

A single bullet went through his home and shot him in the back.

It happened on Mayor Ridge in Greenup County.

The Sparks family live in a neighborhood near the Happy Ridge area and are very familiar with the sound of gunshots.

But they say Sunday’s incident hit way too close to home.

“It felt like somebody punched me in the back and it landed right in between my shoulders,” Kenneth Sparks said.

“The single shot came in near the roof line here through the back of the house,” said Kentucky State Police Trooper Michael Murriell.

The victim’s father lives right across the street from his son and he says this isn't the first time something like this has happened.

“Our house has been shot through twice before and his has been shot through once and I guess the third time is a charm,” said Keith Sparks, the victim’s father.

Police say whoever shot Sparks may have been up to a mile away; perhaps just firing a round for practice.

“He is very fortunate, somebody was definitely looking out for him,” Murriell said.

Kentucky State Police hope the recent shooting raises safety awareness for residents living on rural roads in Greenup County.

The shooter from Sunday’s incident has not been identified.

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