Man shot while walking near Richmond train tracks

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - Police are looking for a group of people who shot man as he walked near some train tracks.

"This is usually such a quiet area, I've been here for years and there hasn't been anything like this," explains Mike Wadsworth, a neighbor who lives near the shooting.

Richmond Police responded to the Central Court area around 12:49 Friday morning. A 27-year old man told police that he had been shot by a number of unknown males.

"It's spooky, I can't believe that happened while I was sleeping!" explains Wadsworth. People who live nearby tell police that the victim crawled from the rail road tracks to a neighbors house and banged on the door, begging for help.

The homeowner tells WKYT that when they heard the screams for help they went running to the door and when they opened it they found the young man laying in a pool of blood on their porch.

The victim couldn't describe the shooters and told police that he didn't know why anyone would target him.The victim was taken to UK Hospital with at least two gunshot wounds. Police say he is in good condition.

The investigation into who fired the shots continues.

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