Man steals empty iPad boxes from restaurant

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A Golden Corral manager says a thief may not have gotten away with exactly what he'd hoped for.

Police say there were burglaries at both the Supreme Hibachi and Golden Corral on New Circle Road overnight. The Golden Corral manager said the thief shattered a window and was inside for about five minutes. Just before 3:00 AM, surveillance video showed a man breaking in to the Golden Corral and forcing his way into the cash registers. The manager said they empty those drawers at the end of the day and keep the cash secured. After the thief struck out there, the manager says he went after a vending machine filled with purses and boxes of iPads. He said the thief smashed the glass and emptied that vending machine, but the joke was on him. Those boxes are empty. If you win one, you have to call a number to claim the high-end electronics. Even though the thief didn't get away with too much, the manager says the break-in is a headache.

It hurts us because we want to serve our customers and this puts us behind. It's not about the money, but the customers will suffer because we have to open late," said manager Felix Comeda.

Police said in both cases, the restaurants had alarms installed, but they didn't go off. They weren't sure if anything was taken from Supreme Hibachi.

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