WKYT Crimetracker: Man struck by his own car as thief flees

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) -- Police say an employee of the Capital Plaza Hotel was hit by his own car, driven by a thief, on Monday morning.

Glenn Tillman didn't get to go home as planned on Monday morning, when he left his overnight shift at the hotel

With it still being cold this spring, Tillman told police he was warming up his car before leaving, so it was running with the keys in it.

While he was working overnight at the hotel's desk, Tillman says he noticed a suspicious man wandering the lobby for nearly three hours. That man can be seen on the surveillance video.

Unfortunately, cameras didn't catch what happened next on tape.

Brian Booth, the hotel's general manager, told us that when Tillman spotted the thief with his car, "He jumped on the car as the guy was trying to leave in his car. I'm not sure that he got ran over, per se, but he rolled off of it. His back was wet."

Tillman and police describe this suspect as a white man wearing a black coat and black hat. He had long fingernails and spoke in a feminine voice.

Tillman was not available to speak with us on camera but did comment that this will never happen to him again because he's going to keep a 24/7 watch on his car.

Frankfort Police are asking anyone who may information on this crime to call them at 502 875-8523.

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