Whitley Co. man charged in attack with saw

WHITLEY CO, Ky. (WKYT) - (JELLICO, TENN.) WKYT- The call for help came after a man was hit in the neck with a large saw.

“Normally a hammer or some kind of blunt instrument is used,” said K.Y. Fuson with the Whitley County Sheriff’s office.

Surveillance video at Fast Trax, a popular gas station near the Kentucky -Tennessee line near Jellico, captured it all.

“Two got into an altercation. One male went to the back of the truck, got out a large hand saw. Hit him with it. Knocked him out,” said Sgt. Kirk Mays of the attack which took place at the pumps at the station.

Jody Currie, 37, of Jellico, Tennessee turned himself in. Greg Ball, 38, was taken to a trauma center, treated and released. Police say he’s really lucky his wounds were not worse.

“Was a very large weapon. If he had hit him harder and pulled it, he probably would have hit an artery and done some extended damage,” said Mays.

WKYT spoke briefly with Ball, who has been released from the University of Tennessee hospital. He is now recuperating at home. He says he simply walked up to Courier at the gas pump, started talking, when his friend came after him with the saw.

Police say they’re yet to nail down a motive or why a saw was used as the weapon.

“Sometimes when people are angry they pick up the first thing that comes to mind,” said Fuson.

Courier is being held in the Whitley County jail where he said he did not want to talk to WKYT about his charges.

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