Man who killed father granted shock probation

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - After serving more than two years of the sentence he received for killing his father back in 2010, Verdis Kyle Pennington was granted shock probation today in Fayette District Court.

While it seemed to gradually sink in, Verdis Pennington couldn't help but show emotion as Judge Pamela Goodwine read him the terms of his newly granted probation.

The prosecution argued the time to file the motion to seek the shock probation had passed, Judge Goodwine granted Pennington what she called the privilege of probation to have a fresh start.

The now 21-year old has been serving his ten year sentence for killing his father back in 2010.
In court, Pennington's lawyer said more time in jail would affect his clients well-being in a negative manner, Judge Goodwine added its not the goal of the judicial system to put a victim of domestic violence, like Pennington, through more punishment.

"If there are any violations of your probation, you'll be brought back before this court. And I don't think you want to go back to where you're coming from," said Judge Goodwine as she read Pennington the terms of his probation.

Verdis Pennington is ordered to live with his paternal grandmother while on probation.

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