Man who rescued driver from semi crash on 460 says scene was "carnage"

SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The man who pulled a semi-driver out of his wrecked vehicle says he and his brother were almost the fifth and sixth victims in the crash that closed a road for more than twelve hours.

The marks on Highway 460 near the Scott/Franklin County line are still visible days after the crash.

"Out of nowhere, about a thousand feet ahead, this semi drops off the side of the road," said Matthew Ringer. "The guy over-corrects, comes across the road."

Matthew Ringer was heading back to Shelby county with his brother on August 15 when the semi heading their way went off the road.

"He jerked the wheel and when he did he came, the tractor itself came across the road into our lane and the trailer was skidding down the side of the road," he said.

Ringer says his brother drove into the ditch to avoid the oncoming trailer, but it still came close enough to their car to leave a scratch on the driver side mirror. It then hit two other vehicle before coming to a stop on a utility pole.

"As I turn around I see the trailer start to skip down the road and flip, it bounces off the red pickup truck, lands, and flips again," he said.

Ringer ran to the semi. He says he could see that the driver was injured, but others nearby were worried about the power lines the trailer had taken down.

" I didn't care," he said. "I seen the drive hanging out, he looked really injured, so I climbed up and I unbuckled him and pulled him out."

The semi driver and three others were taken to the hospital.

"It was just carnage, there was parts everywhere, vehicles crashed," he said. "I honestly don't believe how everyone made it through OK."

Ringer is a truck driver himself and says construction on Interstate 64 has led many drivers to using 460 as a detour.

"As narrow as that road is, there's no way to regain control, that truck shouldn't have gone down that road, at all," he said. "Honestly, the state should widen the roads."

The Scott County Sheriff's Office is still investigating the cause of the crash.

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