Man dies after being hit by two cars

51-year-old Darrell Lyons died at UK Hospital after the accident Friday night on US 460 and Paynes Landing in Georgetown.

"He was only 51 years old and with six kids and we're all left without a father now," says oldest daughter Stacy Campbell. "The mirror hit him in the back and spun him and flung him into the air on to the car behind him."

Emergency crews rushed to 460 and Paynes Landing in Georgetown around 8 p.m. Friday. They took Lyons to UK Hospital, where Campbell stayed by her father's side.

"All I could see were them pump, pump, and pumping and I could see his stomach moving and I just collapsed."

Arrangements are being made at Tucker, Yocum and Wilson Funeral Home in Georgetown. Lyon's family is setting up a fund with KECU in Frankfort. If you'd like to help with their expenses, you're asked to donate there.

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