Man tied up and robbed in home invasion

Lexington Police are investigating a violent home invasion.

A man says two people broke into his home on Madison Place, near downtown, robbed him, and tied him up with a dog leash.

It happened around 10:30 Monday morning.

Police say the suspects took the victim's cash, his debit card, the TV, and possibly his personal checks.

"He (the victim) described it as kind of violent," Lexington Police Lt. Fred Lisanby said. "They tied him up and threw him down. I don't think there was a whole lot of verbal conversation other than they demanded where the cash was."

Police say they are now looking for two black men, dressed in all black, each about six feet tall.

Police say one of the suspects wore a black cap with blue letters on it. They say the other suspect had shoulder length dreadlocks.

Neighbors tell us this type of crime isn't common in that area.

Police say the victim was not injured. He was the only one home at the time.

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