Clerk helps man with severely burned face, Laurel Sheriff suspects meth lab explosion

LAUREL CO., Ky. (WKYT) - Sheila Campbell has waited on lots of different people at the East Bernstadt Shell station, but nothing like the man who walked into the store Saturday night.

"He was burned from the crown of his head all the way down, his eyes bloodshot red," said Campbell.

His story was that he was attacked.

"Three people had been walking down the side of the road, and had splashed him with a substance. That's what caused the burns," said Laurel County Deputy Sheriff Gilbert Acciardo of the burned man's allegations.

"By the time the ambulance left you could peel the skin right off his head,"said Campbell.

But it's a story that police do not buy. They believe he was severely burned, but they think it was by his own doing.

"That he was probably involved in a meth lab and it probably exploded in his face," said Acciardo.

Police say the man was very uncooperative with them and his facts didn't make sense.

"He said it happened on Kentucky 30, there is no way he could have walked over there in his shape," said Acciardo.

"But if he had a meth lab blow up, I don't have any remorse, I don't know the truth,"said Campbell.

Police say the man will likely lose sight in one...possibly both eyes. He was receiving treatment at London's St. Joseph Hospital.

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