Bourbon County license plate shop destroyed by fire

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BOURBON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Fire crews in Bourbon County were on the scene of a fire at the Fayette-Bourbon line Friday morning.

The call came in about 8:30am from a home owner who noticed smoke coming out of the work shop behind their home.

Smoke could be seen billowing on the Paris city limits as well as in Fayette county. Callers said they could hear tiny explosions coming from inside the shed. Officials believe it was paint cans exploding.

Chuck Frysinger, who has lived on the property for more than ten years, made UK license plates in the shed.

"He makes hands on originals, a lot of them sell throughout the state," explains Marvin Arnold, who lives next door to the Frysinger family. "He makes a ton of other kinds too, in fact he was working on a big job which said Ford on the plates."

Arnold explained what happened early this morning. He told WKYT that "Betty called me and said 'hurry, come over here!' I asked my wife what it was, then I looked out the window and I saw the workshop in flames."

Four departments from Bourbon County responded to the scene. We're told that Lexington was asked for assistance but was not needed when they responded.

Nobody was injured.

Kentucky Utilities is on the scene as a precaution.

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