Many in Lincoln County riding out power outage at home

LINCOLN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Most wouldn’t argue people are sick of this winter.

“It’s just cold and miserable,” says Joe Lee of Ottenheim.

Lee wants to stay in his home, even if it is uncomfortable.

“I have some gas supplement heat. It’s probably about 50 (degrees), “ he said.

The ice storm from Tuesday still had many lingering effects Thursday. Numerous people were still without power.

Electric officials say crews ended their work about 10 p.m. Wednesday only to start up about 5 a.m.Thursday.

“I know the RECC people are working diligently to get us back up. Sure do appreciate that,” said Lee.

When the day started Inter County RECC officials said there more than 2,500 people in Lincoln County without power. By noon, that was cut in half. Officials were optimistic most of the major problems would be fixed by the end of the day.

It was cce versus power poles and many times the ice wins.

“Hopefully we’ll get to stay back in our house tonight,” said Gillis Cox, who was spending the night at a family’s home, and most of the day,in their van.

“We’ve already spent the biggest part of yesterday and today in the car. I tell you what it’s been rough,” he said.

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