Marcum murder trial enters second week of testimony

MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A high-profile central Kentucky murder trial entered its second week Monday.

Christina Marcum faces multiple charges, including murder, for the 2011 death of Angela Singleton.

Monday marked the third day that Kentucky State Police Detective Brian Reeder took the stand. Reeder was cross-examined by Defense Attorney Steve Romines.

In his opening statement, Romines told the jury they would see no physical evidence that Christina Marcum committed Angela Singleton's murder. He continued to emphasize that today as he worked to poke holes in the State Police investigation.

However, Detective Reeder says Jason Singleton told police in an interview that Marcum was involved.

Romines has suggested that police decided early-on that Marcum was a suspect and then declined to follow up on other possibilities. Romines said Angela Singleton had told police about a fake ID operation Jason Singleton was running. Romines questioned if Detective Reeder investigated that possible connection, saying it could have been a motive for Angela's murder, that had nothing to do with Marcum.

Detective Reeder says they followed up that lead, but couldn't find any equipment used to make IDs. Romines suggested they weren't investigating hard enough and that they disregarded the theory because it didn't point to Marcum.

Romines also pointed out the fact that another person's blood was found in the couple's home. It ended up belonging to a family member of Jason Singleton. Romines claimed that family member was connected to the fake ID operation. Detective Reeder said that was explained away and that the family member in question was never indicted by the grand jury for any crime.

WKYT will continue to follow the Marcum trial as testimony continues on Tuesday.

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