Marine rides to Kentucky to honor, remember life-long friend Jonathan Price

VERSAILLES, Ky. (WKYT) - He's riding for his brother. A man from South Carolina is making the trek to Kentucky to lay a fellow Marine to rest.

Josh Powell is bringing a special item to honor his friend Jonathan Price.

Someone shot and killed Price Saturday morning outside Austin City Saloon. Police say two people approached Price and his wife outside Austin City Saloon asking for money.

"I grew up with Jonathan. 26 years ago we basically became best friends from the moment we met each other, and we always talked about doing a ride together, and unfortunately since his life was cut short we are no longer able to do that. So I feel as if I want to do this in memory of him," notes Powell.

What happened over the weekend weighs heavy on his mind.

"He was truly one of a kind and anybody who ever crossed paths with him was a very lucky person to have met him. For all of us that know him, that grew up with him, we were all truly blessed."

Powell is bringing to his friend's funeral two Marine Corps flags.

"We're both from the Marine Corps," he notes, "we both served our country honorably and I'm a bury one with him come tomorrow when we do the funeral. And I'm gonna hold on to the other one. I'll bury it with me when my time comes."

Price's family and friends are gathering at the Woodford Community Church. They'll bury him in Campbellsville Wednesday.

Megan Price's friends have set up a fundraiser site for her. In just two days, they've raised more than $18,000.

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